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JC Cleans

I’m pretty sure they’re discussing kittens.

Domo JC


If you don’t know this cat, you should.

Tardar Sauce and JC


via This one caused quite a stir on my fb – Imgur.

JC likes to get high.  Everyone knew that.


JC loves that song, even though it’s most often associated with the god Apollo and his battles.

Mobbed by fans, JC was causing consternation for the darters and had to leave.

I’ve played a lot of darts.  It happens in pubs.  It is loud and there is a ton of drinking.

Granted this is the big time, but still, it reminds of Tiger Woods flipping out when he hears a camera click in the next county over while he is thinking about teeing off.

a crowd of up to 4500 people chanting “Jesus” at 33-year-old Nathan Grindal at the darts championship tournament in Somerset, England on Sunday, December 2.

The match between darts legend Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and Kim Huybrechts was interrupted as security guards removed the bearded fan from the venue

JC will just have to watch darts like all the rest of us that can’t get over to Somerset in person.

That’s the price of fame.


JC was in Texas!  He clearly had a very short visit, because Texas is still Texas.

You might recognize this image from JC’s infamous tryout to be the new guitarist for Motorhead in June 1982.  He certainly has flair and it’s obvious this appearance on a bacon and egg breakfast taco is an homage to “War-Pig”.

Rock on, JC.

Like me, he’s gone to the dark side.  We’ll all be Apple fanbois before it’s over.

Let me tell you, it’s freaking hot as Hell out there!  I kid, I kid.

But it really is hot.  JC is one lucky SOB that he got that spinning halo last month.

Say what you will, but the man knows how to stay cool.

Watch that finger, bro.  You’ll ruin the shot!

To all my FB friends….’Sup, dawgs!

Can’t say I blame him.  I’ve always meant to go myself.  I want me a pot of gold.

An American tourist (what a surprise!) saw JC mugging it up on the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare.

“I definitely felt a divine presence,” Clifford told HuffPost Weird News. “To me, it was definitely a face, but I realize some people may interpret it differently.”

Clifford feels her training as a pilot has honed her vision and also taught her to be skeptical about what she sees, which is why she asked the folks around her their opinions of the cliffside Christ.


You can paper an outhouse with the amount of times you hear mention of how special civilian pilot training is, couldn’t you?  JC knows how to be seen.  He doesn’t need no amateurs making claims about where JC is vibin’ out.  He wants qualified observers.

Clifford wants to make sure that no one can make claims that the photos have been retouched, so she is removing the disc with the photos from her digital camera so they can be saved as they are forever.

She has refused all attempts to touch up the photograph back in the United States, insisting she wants to maintain its originality.

JC likes paper qualifications.  He accepts all kinds.  Loons included.  With their photo discs and their untouched up original digital photographs.


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